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About our School

Laurimar Primary is now an established school in its 10th year, built by the Department of Education and Training (DET) opening in 2009.


Laurimar is situated on 3.4 hectares of land, 30km from the CBD, in Melbourne's northern residential growth area. The school has a current population of 970 students. Growth within the school has been rapid over the decade. The school continues to grow due to our positive reputation and has a strong focus on excellence in Primary Education. It is the aim of all staff to help the children settle into their dynamic school community and build 21st Century Learning skills, attitudes, values and respect that they need to fully participate in the rich educational life of our school. The master planned community, along with the Primary School, includes; a town centre, supermarket, shops, childcare, kindergarten, sports fields, War Memorial and recreation facilities which have been opened over the past 9 years, create a dynamic setting for young children to be supported in their learning. The construction of a childcare, kinder and maternal health care facility in close proximity to our Prep Learning Centre creates an exciting and innovative Early Childhood Education precinct for the Laurimar community to benefit from. 

Laurimar Primary School is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all its students, including aboriginal children, children from different cultural backgrounds and children with disabilities( emotional, social and physical) Laurimar Primary School has zero tolerance for Child Abuse and Corporal punishment.

Laurimar PS enjoys outstanding physical resources that enable us to provide students with the best possible educational opportunities and learning outcomes. The modern facilities and 21st Century teaching and learning pedagogy represent an exciting opportunity for students and parents, and have established the school’s strong culture, values and nature. The school is committed to Information and Communication Technologies with flexibility to allow access anywhere within the learning spaces.

The school is designed and built to incorporate the latest facilities for engaging students and comprises six buildings:
*Fully equipped STEM Centre that strongly engages students and develops a deep sense of curiosity

*Two Learning Centres, each comprising ten general purpose classrooms that feature open plan 
working areas with ICT facilities throughout, wet areas, withdrawal area and indoor toilets that cater for our Prep-2 students
*Fifteen double open plan relocatable classrooms with staff centre in each, all controlled by heating and cooling
*Arts Centre, (comprising Music room, Visual Arts room, breakout room and kitchen)
*Administration Centre, Staffroom and main Resource / Library Centre
*Full size gymnasium with canteen facility and associated amenities
*Two bike sheds housing 400 spaces for bikes and scooters
*Fully operational OSHC building incorporating Out of School Hours and Vacation Care and school television studio with the capability to stream live broadcasts into all learning spaces. 
*Japanese Zen Garden, Community Safety Space and Indonesian Tropical Garden that reflects our commitment to Asian Literacy and our Grade 5/6 trips to China each October

Expansive outdoor recreation areas include a full size synthetic grass soccer / hockey pitch, playground equipment and asphalt play areas. Access to two adjoining well maintained sport / football ovals and landscaped grounds add to the aesthetic appeal of the school environment.

Constructions include a Zen Garden, gazebo/BBQ area, outdoor cover-way over the assembly area, additional playgrounds and an RSL endorsed Cenotaph/War Memorial which holds annual Remembrance & Anzac Day Services. We recently opened our newly designed Prep Development & Play Area that incorporates many hands on activities.

Laurimar Primary School is committed to the academic, social & emotional learning and personal growth of every student.
A focused curriculum, dedication to innovation and a culture of care from all staff will help us meet this commitment. Our school is well resourced in the Victorian curriculum. A balanced, engaging and comprehensive curriculum constantly challenges students to extend their learning and cater for all individual needs through CAFÉ Reading, VOICES Writing, SOUNDWAVES spelling and comprehensive numeracy pedagogy.

Our aim is to challenge students to be the very best they can be. Our role is to help every student reach their full potential through setting personal goals. The skills needed for the 21st century, which support a love of learning that goes beyond the classroom, are actively embraced by our school. A high emphasis is placed on the development of social/emotional learning of every child through a dedicated team.

Teachers are highly valued and help to set the tone and culture within our educational institution. A strong coaching program has been developed and team teaching between classes is embraced. Importantly, we aim to be leaders in education and in social and emotional learning. This involves setting up and implementing innovative practices in the use of ICT in the curriculum. The school has been set up to showcase these innovative practices and how they enhance student learning. The use of interactive televisions, smart boards, digital cameras, note books and the 1:1 iPad program are features. There is an extensive range of ICT resources available which are integrated into the curriculum programs with a focus on developing a digital learning environment. Students in the school have access to a range of online curriculum resources to support learning both in the classroom and at home.

The school has achieved a great deal over the past decade, however, as a school community, we all look to a bright future with great optimism and excitement and constantly strive to take the learning to higher levels. Laurimar PS has a strong focus on excellence in Primary Education for all students and will constantly strive for ongoing improvement with our students.  

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