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As part of the ongoing history at our great school, the LPS house names and emblems play an important role in helping create school pride and a deep sense of connection. These houses not only help create a sense of fun when competing in whole school events, but they also help build unity and a sense of belonging.

Martin House (Green House) 

Martin House is named after James Martin. The floral emblem is the Kangaroo Paw. James Martin was the youngest serving member of the military during World War 1. He enlisted when he was 14 years and 2 months old. James Martin was 14 years and 9 months when he died of a fever during the Gallipoli Campaign.

Kenna House (Gold House)

Kenna House is named after Edward Kenna. The floral emblem is the Golden Wattle. Edward (Ted) Kenna fought in the second World War and was the recipient of the Victoria Cross. He was awarded this medal for his bravery in helping his battalion overcome a Japanese machine gun crew in 1945.


Baird House (Purple house)

Baird House is named after Cameron Baird. The floral emblem is the Common Heath. Cameron Baird was an Australian war hero. He was awarded the Victoria Cross for his bravery. Cameron Baird was a member of the Special Forces who died protecting his fellow soldiers in Afghanistan in 2013.


Allen House (Orange House)

Allen House is named after Leslie (Bull) Allen. The floral emblem is the Sturt’s Desert Pea. Leslie Allen fought in Papua New Guinea during World War II. He was recognised with the Silver Star military medal (USA) for his bravery in rescuing 12 injured American soldiers from the battlefield at Mount Tambu in 1943.


Donaldson House (Blue House) 

Donaldson House is named after Mark Donaldson. The floral emblem is the Royal Bluebell. Mark Donaldson was a member of the Special Air Service Regiment. He is known for his heroism in drawing enemy fire away from injured troops and rescuing an interpreter during a battle in Afghanistan in 2008.

Roberts-Smith House (Red House) 

Roberts-Smith House is named after Ben Roberts-Smith. The floral emblem is the Waratah. Ben Roberts-Smith was awarded the Victoria Cross for his bravery in drawing fire away from his fellow soldiers whilst fighting in Afghanistan. Ben Roberts-Smith was a member of the Special Air Service.

House Pride

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