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School Council

Laurimar Primary School’s School Council comprises of seven parents, four staff representatives and the Principal. All parents/guardians of students enrolled at the school are eligible to vote for parent members, and staff vote for their representatives. Community members can also be co-opted by the School Council if required.

In broad terms, the School Council provides a link between parents and the school’s principal and its teaching and non-teaching staff. It works to support the school to achieve the best learning outcomes for all students and to create interest in the school and in the wider community.

More specifically, the School Council is responsible for participating in the development and monitoring of the school’s strategic plan, and for establishing the broad vision and direction of the school. It’s also responsible for appointing the Principal, approving the annual budget, policies, fundraising activities and contracts.

Joining the School Council is a great way parents and guardians can become more actively involved in their children’s school. You don’t need to be an expert on anything – you just need to have a passion for education and for your school. School Council works best when we have individuals from a variety of backgrounds and different experiences, so keep that in mind when elections come around.

School Council is keen to hear your suggestions for our school.

If you  have any thoughts please email us at

The new School Council for 2023/2024 has been formed.

Thank you to the following people who will either continue their term or were elected in March as new members. 

Executive Officer

Mr Jason McBean


LPS DET Representatives

Deborah Purser

Jessica Dugdale

Rebecca Gibson

Sharon Arena

Christine Kalogirou

Parent Representatives

Nikoo Chamani (President)
Deanne Arcus (Vice President)
Jenni Carter
Jason Zammit
Megan Browne
Kristy O'Sullivan

Ksenija Liyanagama


Community Representatives

Tim Enkelmann

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