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Child Safe Standards

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Laurimar Primary School is a Child Safe School and will strongly adhere to all standards. There are 11 Child Safe Standards. These Standards commenced on 1 July 2022 and replace the Child Safe Standards that were established in 2016. The Child Safe Standards aim to protect children and young people, by requiring organisations to put policies, procedures, and processes in place to prevent and respond to abuse. They aim to make keeping children and young people safe a key focus of organisations in Victoria. The Child Safe Standards help organisations to:

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  • Promote the safety of children

  • Prevent child abuse

  • Ensure effective processes are in place to respond to and report allegations of child abuse

  • Encourage children to ‘have a say’, especially on issues that are important to them or about decisions that affect their lives

At Laurimar Primary School we are committed to being a Child Safe School and adhering to all standards.

Please contact Laurimar Primary School child safe officers here at our school for further information regarding these policies and standards related to child safety. 

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