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Q: How Do I gain Compass Login details for my child? 
A: Login details are emailed to new families once they have enrolled at Laurimar PS. If you have not received your Login Details, 
please email:

Q: What does the term 'Unexplained Absence' mean?
This is Compass/DET terminology and simply means that your child has been marked 'Not Present' and that this has not been explained by
another school activity or 'Parent Approval'.
If you receive an alert regarding an 'unexplained absence', click on the alert, select the 'unexplained absence' you wish to 
approve and then click on the ‘Parent Approve’ button (above 'Activity Name') to enter the reason for the absence.
Please note that alerts only appear in the BROWSER version of Compass.

Q: How do I book Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences?
When Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences are available for booking, a "Book Parent Teacher Interviews' button will appear on the Compass home 
screen (browser version) and an alert will appear at the top of your News Feed. Please note that bookings CANNOT be made via the app.

Q: How do I access notes sent home and other school documentation?
From the Main Menu (tool bar at the top of the screen), select 
Community > School Documentation > Parents > General Notices Sent Home (only available in the browser version.

Q: How do I update my email address & mobile number?
Upon first log in via a web browser you will be prompted to update this information. You can update this information at any time by
accessing Tools (cog at the top right of the screen) > Update My Details (only available in the browser version).

Q: How do I download my child's Semester Reports? 
A: Click on 'View Academic Reports' from the homepage (browser version) or tap on your child's photo in the app and select the 'Reports' tab.



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