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International Student Program 


Laurimar Primary School is proud to host temporary international students for last three years. They participate daily learning routine with their Australian classmates in a caring and supportive learning environment. Laurimar primary school committees to ensure each international student have a rewarding and memorable learning journey. If you are interested to enrol your children or relatives for up to 12 weeks learning at Laurimar, please contact Lily Luo school international student program coordinator for more information.

Laurimar小学很荣幸在过去的三年招收短期国际生。他们在关爱和支持的环境中跟他们的澳洲的同学一起生活,学习。Laurimar小学致力于确保每个国际生在这里度过一段收益满满及难忘的学习旅程。如果你想为你自己的孩子或亲戚注册入选(最长学习周期12周),请和我们的国际生协调人Lily Luo 联系以获得进一步的信息。她的电子邮箱是





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